April 1, 2023

Clans are a core feature in Destiny 2, offering players a chance to join a community and play together. Clans will have an important role within the game, as the player base is the first group of Guardians who can fight against The Red Legion and save humanity from being destroyed.

In order to participate in those epic activities, clans need to be created in Destiny 2. There are several types of clans that players can access, each one with a specific purpose or function. The clan type will define the player’s membership options and whether they need to pay to play or not.

The Clan Types in Destiny 2

Clans have been redesigned from the ground up for this new iteration within the Destiny franchise. Clans are now separated into different types, each with its own membership requirements and benefits.

The three types of clans in the game are: Guest Clan – This type of clan is like a public club. Anyone can join it even if they do not have an account in that platform or an Xbox Live/PSN account; Basic Clan – This type of clan is for players who want to play with other people but do not care about permissions. It has free registration and offers basic features; Private Clan – This type of clan requires approval from an admin in order to join it. A Private Clan may be invitation only, open only to friends, or completely public. However, to join a Private Clan, players have to reach the appropriate link or code from an admin.

How to start a clan destiny 2?

Clans are created in the game’s website, Bungie.net, rather than within the game itself. Some of these clans can be public , while others may require an invitation to join. Each clan type has its own set of benefits and tools. Players are required to have a Bungie account to access this feature, which can be easily created by visiting the respective website.

Benefits of being part of a Clan in Destiny 2, including rewards and how it improves gameplay experience

Clans and the Clan platform will exist as a separate component of Destiny 2, much like Destiny 1. Clans can be accessed from Bungie.net and other social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Every clan will have different tiers or membership levels, which players can advance through by participating in certain activities such as Raids and Strikes.

In Destiny 2, players will be able to receive special rewards just for being a part of a Clan. These rewards can include unique emblems and even time-limited exclusive content that cannot be accessed elsewhere. Players who lead clans will have access to their own administration tools which allow them to create different tiers or ranks for members, as well as assign permissions to each level.

Clan integration is not limited to these features; it also includes new Clans-oriented activities that will take place throughout the game’s PVE and PVP experiences. There will be exclusive rewards for players who manage to achieve high ranks within their clan, which can help them become more powerful over time.

Tips for finding a clan that fits your needs and interests in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 community is very diverse, just like the game itself. Although Bungie.net and other platforms are being created to help players find clans, it can be difficult to identify which one offers what you need. Here are some tips that may come in handy when finding a suited clan for yourself:

Search for Clans on Bungie.net and other platforms – There are plenty of websites that cater to the Destiny community, some of which list active clans. Players can visit these sites and find a clan that matches their interests or play style.

Contact Clan Leaders directly – Some Clans may have a recruitment thread on Bungie.net or another platform which players can respond to by offering an introduction and explaining their skills or preferences. Joining a clan in this manner is not guaranteed but it can help players find the right group if they are persistent enough.


Creating a clan is easy and free. Bungie.net requires players to have at least one member who can serve as clan “owner” and make necessary changes for others. Then, the owner invites other players and they create their own customized emblem. There are three types of clans: public, basic and private; each has different features and differing requirements.

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